Digital marketing, web design, social media, application development, digital strategy.

Just some of the things that we do on a daily basis for our clients. Since 2004 we have worked with hundreds of clients on many hundreds of projects and we can honestly say that if it can be done online then we have done it at some point.

The beauty of our industry is the diversity and choice available to the marketeer to promote their product or service and the multitude of ways that messages can be communicated to users. As a medium, digital is interactive and multi sensory. It is 100% measurable. It is exciting and innovative. It is multi disciplinary. It requires multi-talented people. It is always changing.

As an agency we are constantly evolving, honing our skills and learning new ones. We bring this knowledge, experience and passion to every project that we work on and push the boundaries of what is possible.

This is our Master Mind chair
We didn't actually get a ribbon.

Eircom Spider Awards

Best Agency 2007

5 times winner

8 times finalist

Digital Media Awards

Best Web Agency Gold Medal 2010

Net Visionary Awards

5 times finalist


Web Design

We are a highly experienced team with a heady mix of creative and technical skills, consistently producing top quality digital campaigns for our clients.

Digital Strategy

We help our clients navigate the digital marketplace and advise them how their companies can succeed online through a mixture of detailed analysis, customer insights and previous experience.

Application Development

Working primarily with Zend and Grails we have built many highly complex and successful web applications for our clients enabling them to transact and run their businesses online.

Social Media

Our deep understanding of consumer behaviour and knowledge of social media platforms enables us to design and develop content rich and experiential solutions for our clients.

Other Stuff We Do

We are a team with many skills. Here are a few more things that we do on a daily basis:

  • Video production
  • Campaign Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Display advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Content Management Solutions



The phase on which the rest of the project is built. We sit down with our clients and go through in minute detail every aspect of the project, who it is for, how it will work and how it will look and draw up a road map for the way ahead. This stage of the process will involve meetings, specifications, wire frames, concepts, ideas, benchmarks and project plans - sounds like a lot. It is. But all essential if we are to ensure the delivery of a quality product at the end.


We have done the talking. Now it's time to bring the analysis and ideas to life. We will draw up concepts for your project working iteratively and bringing you the client with us every step of the way. The goal is to produce all of the layouts and screens necessary to build the final product in the next stage.


This is the heavy lifting phase of the project where we pass over those hand crafted designs to the development team who will build your project according to the agreed technical specification. Designs are cut up and interfaces are coded and then integrated into the application or content management system that is being developed. We work with technologies such as Java, PHP, XHTML, CSS, Jquery, Json,. mySQL, Javascript, Zend and Grails. We ensure that whatever we develop is completely robust and meets the highest standards in terms of quality.


Systems are probed, sites are prodded and all appropriate measures are taken to ensure that your project is as robust and bug free as it can be. Using our focus group of developers and non-developers we ensure that all bases are covered from a technical and usability point of view We will also carry out user acceptance testing with you the client and make any appropriate fixes and modifications before your project is live to the world.


The last step before your project is live is to move all assets from a production environment to the live environment. More testing on the live server before the final switch is flicked and all of the hard work comes to fruition. We will provide you with any training or manuals that may be required so that you can manage your site or application yourselves after the launch.

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