Media Contact gets a facelift

Continuing our ongoing relationship with Media Contact we have just launched a brand spanking new site for their suite of media related products and service. The company offers a searchable database application on a subscription and pay as you go model, they organise conferences and training sessions relating to the media, public relatinos and social networking and they also produce a book with all of the contacts in the media in Ireland in good old fashioned paper.

Media Contact

The new site features an umbrella “group” site under which we have broken down the four distinct divisions of the company. The goals of the new site were fourfold:

  1. Present the products provided by Media Contact in a clear, engaging interface
  2. Incorporate a commonality of design across the divisions
  3. Improve the user experience in terms of howthey use the applications and improve the purchasing workflow.
  4. Incorporate new functionality into the application to enhance the product offering.

We’re pretty happy with the way it has turned out – comments welcomed!

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