Social media consultancies beware…Brands in Public goes live

There’s a reason that Seth Godin has a gazillion people reading his blog posts every day and why he has sold millions of copies of his books. Simple. He has good ideas and knows how to communicate them.

His latest offering could (and should) torpedo the slew of “social media, buzz monitoring, twitter writing, facebook page managing” consultancies that are popping up all over the place. Brands in Public provides brands with a one stop shop of content pulled in from numerous sources so companies can see (and manage) what is being said about them onlin through one simple interface.

It seems that the site is geared primarily at the bigger brands out there – Coca Cola, Lego, Guinness etc. Why should the smaller companies of the world be precluded from this? This is surely a service that we (and other agencies) should be providing as a matter of course. We are on the case…

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