Why is maintaining your blog important?

I am sure that the irony of this post will not be lost on you since it is clear that we have not been taking our own medicine over the last few months. Our blog/news feed is hopelessly out of date since we launched our new website and the excuse we have been giving is the same as the one we hear from our clients… we have been too busy. We don’t have the resources.

In this day and age this is not a plausible excuse and if you are saying you are too busy to maintain your blog then you might as well be saying you have no time to talk to your clients. You are not interested in hearing what they have to say or how your business might improve through their feedback. Your blog is a vital communication tool that enables you to get your message out there but also enables you to provide your customers with better service. Your blog is a two way street – you aren’t simply talking at your audience but rather opening the door and inviting them in for a conversation. It would be trite of me to suggest that your company blog is the be all and end all of your company’s communication strategy but it is a vital part of the overall picture and needs to be given appropriate attention.

But I told you I’m too busy!!

Nonsense. I have used this excuse for months myself… if you cut out all of those interruptions to answer unnecessary phone calls and reply to non-urgent emails you would quickly find that you had much more time in your day to spend on constructive tasks like writing your blog.

Writing your company blog is a bit like having your cup of coffee in the morning. It becomes a habit and a necessary part of your day. It doesn’t need to take hours to write a post – 20-30 mins for a post is plenty once you know what you want to say. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with a topic for your next blog post but as with any habit once you get started it becomes easier every time. Here’s hoping!

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